• Positive Influence Productions

    Positive Influence Productions

  • Positive Influence Insurance Brokers

    Positive Influence Insurance Brokers

  • Corporate Events & Consultancy

    Corporate Events & Consultancy

  • Positive Influence Haulage & Logistics

    Positive Influence Haulage & Logistics

  • SmartTalk Communications

    SmartTalk Communications

Welcome to Positive Influence Group

Positive Influence Group is a chain of businesses committed to helping other businesses rise, by being a vehicle by which they can be reached, connected and enhanced for positive growth.

More About Us

Positive Influence ProductionsPositive Influence Productions

Positive Influence Productions is a Television and Radio production house. It is a one stop broadcasting outfit that produces quality … More

Positive Influence Insurance BrokersPositive Influence Insurance Brokers

Positive Influence Insurance Brokers is a licensed brokerage firm by the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) and the Nigerian… More

Corporate Events and ConsultancyCorporate Events and Consultancy

Corporate Events and Consultancy is a Public Relations Consultancy firm duly accredited by the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations …More

Haulage and LogisticsHaulage and Logistics

Positive Influence Haulage and Logistics services are a reliable and fast-paced driven transport company that move goods and items …More

SmartTalk Communications LimitedSmartTalk Communications Limited

SmartTalk Communications is a Telecommunication and Information Technology arm of positive influence group. The company is the sole… More